Saturday, 19 September 2015

A Business Continuity Blogging Addiction...

I recently did a podcast interview with the wonderful Ken Simpson – a straight talking resilience guru from The Black Stump Podcast ( whom I admire a lot (Ken that is not his podcast!). In this chat he asks me about my recent radio silence i.e. no blogs or comments online for several months and at the time I explained it was due to moving house and an my upcoming wedding so I haven’t had the time to write anything up. We all get to that stage don’t we? #growingup

Well since that discussion I’ve decided it’s nothing to do with the above. It’s simply because of two things:

• I only ever typically blogged on my frustrations so my writing was always prompted by frustrated angst on a junior pro in our field…maybe I’m now just too happy!

• I got to a point where I literally had no further learning to share which ultimately meant I wasn’t learning! (That difficult second album syndrome)

I’ve since tried to spent some time reading other peoples thoughts to re-grasp the general feel on BC/Resilience at the moment and I still feel that more can be done to share thoughts and ideas across out online family and I need to do my part as well (whether my views are right or wrong). I also feel have more to add so get ready for some more posts from BlueyedBC!

In the meantime please do check out my new website -

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